Elasto Mania

A few useful links for the WINDOWS version

Want to know what are the best times achieved on each level?

Visit this moposite page! If you have a better time for any level, you can also submit your record there.

The best time table for the official selection pack (OLP) of external levels can be found RIGHT HERE at the moposite.

The best time table for multiplayer times is at Svein Rune's site..

You can find the total times competition at PeXi's and Abula's site. Also moposite has replay files (not WRs) for all tracks!

Bored with the graphics of the game? Try out some free graphics additions.

Now you can download and add additional graphics to the game for free (to the shareware and registered versions also). All you have to do is downloading and/or copying some files to the LGR directory of your game and your levels will come up with many different graphics sets.

The official site for additional graphics is www.moposite.com. Among other things here you can find most of the good graphics available and you can get some information on them (how to define them for external levels and how to include into the game your own pictures).

Go to the 'lgr files' section of this site to take a look at the screenshots of the various graphics sets that can replace the original set.

The quickest and easiest way to integrate them into the game is downloading all of these lgr graphics sets (they have an extension of .lgr) to the LGR subdirectory of your game. Plus you have to copy the lgrlist.txt file to the same directory also (from the 'lgr' section of moposite) and you are done. The next time you play on the original levels of the game, you will see the new graphics on the various levels.

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