Introducing the Source Contrubutor Program

Over the past few months, countless members of the community have expressed their wishes to expand Elasto Mania in some way. While we at the Elasto Mania Team would love to implement everything the community's asking for, we do not have the time and resources to do so. So we have decided to instead let the community contribute as they see fit. Thus we are launching a pilot program to test the idea of members of the community getting access to the Elasto Mania source code, and getting an option to contribute to it.

The exact timeline of this program is not yet decided, but you can expect it to ramp up in the next couple of weeks to months.

Here are some important things to know about this program:

  • This does NOT mean that Elasto Mania is becoming open source. For now, Elasto Mania remains closed source and fully owned by a private entity.
  • Contributors will be asked to sign an agreement, granting unlimited usage rights to their contributions. Ownership rights will not be transferred.
  • Contributors will not be allowed to discuss or share any of Elasto Mania's source code with anyone, other than directly with the Elasto Mania Team, or in a discussion forum moderated by the Elasto Mania Team.
  • Contributors will not be allowed to share any information derived from Elasto Mania's source code (such as discovered bugs, exploits, gameplay techniques) with anyone without the Elasto Mania Team's explicit consent.
  • Only Elasto Mania's source code will be part of the pilot program. Other games, tools and non-code assets (levels, graphics, etc.) will not be accessible.
  • Contributors will not be financially compensated for their contribution, however their contribution will be acknowledged in a currently undecided manner. If during the pilot program it is proven that such contributions increase sales, financial compensation for future contributions will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Contributors will not be allowed to share the compiled version of Elasto Mania in any way except as a Steam Workshop item that allows people to test their change. To avoid any potential leak of source code, only fully stripped release builds can be published in such manner.
  • Contributions that are sufficiently tested will be merged into the Elasto Mania code base and become part of the official game.
  • Contributors will be allowed to share any media (screenhots/videos) of their changes, and discuss their changes publicly, as long as such discussion does not include any details of Elasto Mania's source code.
  • Changes to the game's physics behavior will not be accepted during the pilot program (with the exception of fixing game-breaking issues such as crashes).
  • Source code / libraries created by someone other than the contributor will most likely not be accepted to avoid licensing issues. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for sufficiently liberal licenses (compatible with closed source programs).
  • There is no guarantee that any contribution will be accepted.

Elasto Mania's source code is written in C++ and managed in git, and thus relevant experience with these technologies is required to be considered for the program.

Remember that we take ownership rights and leaks very seriously, to the point of potential legal prosecution. If you are not comfortable with this, please do not apply to the program.

You can sign up early to the program here and be notified when it starts and wheter your application has been accepted. Selected applicants will be required to sign an additional detailed agreement once the program begins.


For questions, suggestions, collaborations or simply saying hello:

For a touch of nostalgia visit the old Elasto Mania website.

Please note that the free download shareware version of Elasto Mania is no longer available and supported. For the most up-to-date version, make sure to get it from the storefronts linked on our website.

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