Elasto Mania (or as commonly known: Elma) is an indie motorbike simulation game, a colorful 2D racing experience released in 2000. This gem of a retro arcade game is fun to play and challenging to master, you will quickly get the hang of it… once you start playing!




At heart, it’s still a game of delicate balance, skill and style, but the 2017 release has updated physics, new graphics and a couple of additional elements too. Moving platforms, gates with keys and teleports, extra challenges and even more collectibles make Elasto Mania II new and exciting, but still the same enduro simulation platformer we all love. The full version of this quirky second chapter contains 32 levels and a level editor. You can try the old Shareware version here.



Action SuperCross is the first of its kind - a physics-based motorbike simulator, inspiring many famous franchises. It is the direct predecessor of Elasto Mania, showcasing the evolution of countless fascinating, unique and experimental concepts and gameplay mechanics.


Introducing the ELMA NFT project!

@April 1, 2022

To celebrate the successful launch of Elasto Mania Remastered, we have decided to take this franchise to the next level with NFTs! Starting today, every time you play Elasto Mania Remastered, you'll have a chance to win the right to purchase a custom NFT linking to an image of an apple (with randomized foreground and background colors), expected to be worth millions. You can do countless things with these NFTs, such as trading them (for a fee). All operations are executed on the Elmthereum Layer 3 Network backed by the secure KusCoin Blockchain technology.

To cover the development cost of this exciting new feature, we have decided to add microtransactions to the game. These microtransactions won't affect core gameplay, but you'll be able to purchase cool options such as the Alovolt, playing External Levels, or remapping controls.

Elasto Mania Remastered coming on January 26 (also on GOG!) + Action SuperCross open source

@January 14, 2022

Elasto Mania Remastered is ready to go and will be available on all major platforms on January 26! In addition to the previously announced console versions, we're also responding to a frequent request from our fans, and launching the entire Elasto Mania Trilogy Pack on GOG. As previously mentioned, the current Steam version of Elasto Mania will be updated to Remastered free of charge.

For more information see our Press Kit here.

To celebrate this huge milestone, as a gift to the real enthusiasts, we decided to publish the original Action SuperCross source code, which is now available here.

Original Soundtrack

@April 1, 2021

We are pleased to announce the next major release in the Elasto Mania franchise: the Elasto Mania©™ Original Soundtrack. This unique album will be sold in record stores around the world and contains all the original Action SuperCross and Elasto Mania tracks you know and love, including:

  • Voltin' in the Wind
  • Lonesome Road to the Store (Replacing My Broken Keyboard)
  • Apple Blues
  • Explaining Flag Tag (spoken word)
  • Going Crazy Doing 40
  • One Pixel Too Close
  • A Killer Is Just a Flower With Thorns
  • Apple Blues (Upside Down Remix)
  • More Songs
... and many more. Be sure to reserve your limited signed copy today!

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